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  3. Mix

    'Mix' is a mixture of several tepary bean varieties.
  4. 'Hawaiian Supersweet Silver #9' is an open-pollinated, white sweet corn variety from the University of Hawaii with 75% tropical parentage. This variety is resistant to corn borer and maize mosaic virus.
  5. ‘Rio Grande Red’, also known as ‘Bloody Mary’ was developed in New Mexico (USA). This variety dries well and makes a nice flour, and is also used for livestock feed. It grows to less than 2 meters in height producing 1-2 ears with white-spotted red kernels in about 110 days.
  6. 2019-09-18 I discovered 100-fold gardens while researching ways to irrigate plants directly in the root zone. I wanted to know how to practically and affordably control some of the variables that influence plant growth, such as water availability and soil fertility. I read about “wicking beds,” which are...
  8. Asia
  9. ‘Day-Neutral’ blooms during longer days, allowing out of season production.