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  1. 'Florida Market' is an open-pollinated, large, purple eggplant, maturing in 78-90 days. It is resistant to Phomopsis blight and fruit rot.
  2. 2020-04-14 In this issue: Responding in the Case of an Epidemic or Pandemic A Tip of the Hat to the Tippy Tap Promoting Biodiversity on Maize Smallholdings From ECHO's Seed Bank:Fast-Growing Plants for Household Food Supply Echoes from Our Network: 100-fold gardens in Honduras Books, Web Sites, and Other...
  6. 'Rostov' is an oilseed variety that produces very large, 30 cm heads on 2 m, sturdy, wind resistant stalks.
  7. ‘White Sweet Spanish’ is an intermediate day onion with a large white globe shaped bulb and firm flesh.
  8. 'Jamaican Callaloo' is a common dooryard variety of green leaf amaranth (A. viridis).
  9. 'Mineirao' variety takes about 120 days to become established as a low growing crop with a spreading habit. It is grown as a semi-erect perennial and produces good yields from sea level up to 2,000 m, between 900-2,000 mm rainfall, and temperatures between 18-28 degrees C.