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  1. ‘Pusa Makmahli’ is a quick maturing okra from Northern India with light green pods. Plants can grow up to 3 m tall.
  2. ‘Cubano Argentino’, one of the parents of Tex Cuban maize, is an open-pollinated, tropical, yellow kernel maize useful for silage and feed. This variety has done well on the ECHO farm in the 2-4-2 maize trials. It is dependable and has shown resistance to lodging even with heavy rain and wind. It...
  3. This is the generic variety of Wax Gourd or Wintermelon.
  8. ‘RRP 1526B’’ grain amaranth (A. hypochondriacus) is a variety from Kenya that is a tall, annual plant to 2 m in height that produces large, pink, full tassels of seed.. Mature plants may need staking to support the weight of the seed heads.
  9. This is a generic selection of Gliricidia sepium.