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  1. 1988-01-01 This book is intended for use by students with little or no science background, enrolled in a college introductory nutrition course for nonmajors. The goal in writing the book was to present the science of nutrition in a lively and personal way. The scope of this book ranges from discussions of...  
  2. This book was written and produced for those who are interested in eating for good health. It will be of special interest to people who work in the field of nutrition and meal planning, agricultural producers, educators, and students. 208 pages, illustrated Agriculture Information Bulletin 685  
  3. 1994-01-01 Highlighting the practical and nutritional facts readers want to know, The Concise Encyclopedia covers the whole gamut of foods, health, and nutrition. The topics are arranged alphabetically and cross-referenced, provide alternative names, and are indexed for ease-of-use. The book contains 2,800...  
  4. 1962-01-01 This book is a guide for all persons participating in campaigns to introduce protein-rich foodstuffs, or little-known foods such as fish flour or flours prepared from oilseeds. 103 pages, illustrated, photos  
  5. 1992-01-01 The single most authoritative guide to shopping and eating for better health and a longer life. 512 pages, illustrated  

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