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  1. 1981-12-19 This is a question we have been asking for some time. The idea is to prepare pellets using an appropriate technology pelletizer, using waste biomass or charcoal made from it. We do not have much to report at this time except that an engineer has designed and is making a simple pelletizer for us....  
  2. 2010-10-20 Photos of the modified seed dryer described in EDN 109  
  3. 2000-06-20 A report on the work of Nikolaus and Gabriele Foidl with Moringa in Nicaragua.  
  4. 1996-01-19 Raising pigs on moringa leaves is a system developed by missionary Paul Ronk in Jeremie, Haiti.  
  5. 2011-07-20 We share many ideas in EDN for agricultural techniques that can increase crop production. Higher production translates into more food and potentially more income; this is very important, especially for farmers whose livelihood comes from a small piece of land.Another way to increase food supply...  
  6. 1997-11-19 Preliminary research done by the USDAsuggests that the smoke of grapefruit leaves may help control varroa mites, which parasitize bees.  
  7. 2005-07-20 Feedback from the ECHO networking with information on cookstoves and indoor pollution.  
  8. 1997-11-19 Taro for feeding livestock.  
  9. 2004-01-20 The Malian Peanut/Groundnut Sheller is a simple machine, requiring less than $10 US of materials.  
  10. 2007-10-20 For many years, a popular demonstration on ECHO’s farm has been the rope washer pump, made from materials that are available in any country—PVC pipe, an old tire, rope, washers made from tires, and a little wood. Because it can be made on the farm it can also be repaired by those who made it.