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  1. Semi-arid and arid regions are often referred to as drylands and are located in Africa's Sahel, North Africa, The Middle East, and the Pacific coast of South America. These areas are characterized by low annual rainfall and are typically home to pastoralists groups. One of the main agricultural...  
  2. This collection of resources pertaining toMediterranean ClimateAgriculture was compiled by ECHO InternEleni Patitsasin April, 2017. "It is generally accepted that the mediterranean climate occurs in southern and southwestern Australia, central Chile, coastal California, the Western Cape of South...  
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  6. 2017-11-14 The Asian Rural Institute teaches servant leadership on an organic farm. Hear from a graduate how that impacted her work in Cambodia and Northeast India. Learn how you could get involved as a volunteer, intern or participant at ARI.  
  7. 2019-11-19 Session :Who are the next leaders in international agricultural development work? The leadership gap continues to grow, especially in the non-profit sector. We will discuss a basic framework for leadership development, skills needed, and the role you can play through mentoring. Join this session...  

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