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  1. 'Humidity Resistant' is a small-seeded variety of lima bean that is drought tolerant but also tolerant of high humidity. The smooth, thin beans are black in color.
  6. 2021-10-04 In this issue: Moringa Productivity with Legume Intercropping Insect Pest Management:Evaluation and Assessment Echoes from our Network: Gliricidia-Annual Intercropping System From ECHO's Seed Bank:‘Lacinato’ Kale for Home Gardens Books, Websites, and Other Resources:Food Plant Solutionsand...
  7. A perennialhot bushpepper from India. High-yielding plants grow up to 1.7m tall. Produces attractivered peppers that are 2.5-5cm long. Plants can live several years if protected from frost. We are not sure what the Scoville rating is for this one but theyare very hot!
  8. Mix

    A mix of varietiesin our collection. This mix contains one short duration pigeon pea and three long duration (daylength sensitive)varieties. Varieties included are 'ICP 88034', 'Black', 'Agroforestry Select' and 'Caqui'. Mixes are useful for trying out different types to see which growsbest in a...
  9. An open-pollinatedhot pepper that is normally used green.85 days to maturity. The club shaped fruit is around 5cm in length and 1.5cm in diameterwith medium to thin wallsand good for pickling and salsa. Scoville rating of 23,000 SHUs.
  10. A sweetdooryard variety of habanero from Jamaica selected for the size of itsedible leaveswhich are eaten cooked. More drought resistant that other hot peppers.