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  1. 2018-01-17  
  2. 2010-12-06
  3. 2015-05-12 An overview of perennial vegetables in Thailand, why they are important, and how they can be utilized and promoted in community development and agriculture projects. Part 2 goes into the detail about some of these plant species.  
  4. 2015-03-03 An overview of appropriate seed saving techniques including selection, cleaning, and storage. This talk is in English.  
  5. 2015-10-06  
  6. 2016-02-02 An explanation of hybrid true potato seeds, their advantages over tubers, and methods for growing  
  7. 2018-02-08 Speaker Bio: Zolito Amor Alaba is the Livelihood Program Manager of Samaritan’s Purse Philippines based in Tacloban City, Leyte, and formerly the Project Coordinator of SEED Project. Mr. Alaba is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management (Operations Management Major) in 2013 at the...  
  8. 2018-11-13 Conference Program Book Conference 2018 References
  9. 2015-10-06  
  10. 2016-11-17 Anaerobic digestion, or biodigestion, involves the microbial degradation of organic materials in an oxygen-free environment. Feedstocks for anaerobic digestion include livestock manures, crop residues, culled fruit and vegetables, food waste, and other organic by-products. The process produces...