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  1. 2018-03-22 Traditional diets included a wide variety of ingredients from myriad wild and domesticated plants. Regional cuisines were shaped by native species in their local environment and by gradually-adopted plants from distant places. The modern global food system and market pressures have reversed this...
  5. 'Red Hyacinth' is a day-neutral lablab that has red stems with large scarlet pods that can be eaten when immature.
  8. 2016-01-07 Dr. Tim Motisrecently posted afollow up to hisJuly 2015poston ECHO's 2-4-2maize/cowpeatrial. This update presents some of the data that has been collected to date. When the legumes were sampled in July, the above-ground biomass of both weeds and legumes were sampled. Weeds made up less than 3% of...  
  10. ‘Green Senegalese’ has green edible leaves that used in dishes in Senegal. The green calyxes of this variety are not as tart nor as sweet nor as fleshy as the calyxes of the red roselle.