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  3. 'Thailand Long' was obtained from a missionary in Thailand in the late 1980's. This variety was selected for longer pods, and has a bush-like habit, growing close to the ground. This cowpea works well as a cover crop.
  5. 2016-11-08 In This Issue: Bamboo A "2:4:2" Maize/Legume Intercropping Pattern Paper Mulberry: A Complicated Agroforestry Resource Echoes from our Network: Stinging chaya,fruits for high rainfall areas and exotic leaf miner problem in Nigerian tomatoes Book Review:Handbook for Integrated Soil Fertility...
  7. ‘Oregon Sugar Pod II’ produces light green, edible flat pods, with a mild sweet flavor. The pods are up to 10 cm in length on vines up to a meter in height.. Snow pea . This variety is resistant to common wilt, pea mosaic virus, and powdery mildew.
  8. Red

    ‘Red’ (B. rubra) has red tinged leaves, stems, and flowers. This variety can also be used for dye and jelly.
  9. ‘Burmese’ is a less mucilaginous variety with large 40 cm leaves that bears when plants are 45 cm tall. The spineless pods are best when harvested when less than 25 cm long.