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  1. Key Resource 2010-01-20 This publication contains descriptions of promising African plants. It also reports on three projects where species were explored in projects, Cleome gynandra - spiderplants, Hibiscus sabdariffa - roselle, and Sorghum bicolor - sorghum.  
  2. Key Resource 1988-01-19 Agroforestry in Dryland Africa is specifically designed to be used by agroforestry field workers in subhumid and semi-arid regions of the continent. This includes researchers working with grassroots organizations, community extension and development workers and development specialists in...  
  3. Key Resource 1995-01-19 The purpose of this handbook is to support training in and implementation of ecologically sound and productive use of resources in agriculture. It is designed to assist in the practical introduction of improved agricultural practices. It can serve as a reference for trainers, extension workers,...  

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