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  1. 2015-01-01 One of the newest additions to the ECHO Global Farm is the Natural Farming Pig System located in the Tropical Lowlands area. This component is based on the Natural Farming approach developed in East and Southeast Asia which focuses on harnessing the impact of beneficial microbes for enhancing...  
  2. 2014-12-29 Agricultural Prosperity in Dry Africa contains a wealth of practical suggestions for dealing with the problems facing dryland farmers in Africa. He discusses crops, strategies, and technologies that lead to increased production and income for farmers with limited resources.  
  3. 2014-01-20 Animal products are vital to the diets and livelihoods of people across Sub-Saharan Africa. However, they are frequently traded in local, unregulated markets and this can pose significant risks to health. Usefully illustrated with 25 case studies of the meat, milk, egg and fish food sectors drawn...  

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