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  1. Has few seeds located in bottom half of fruit, productive, about 10in long. Color is dark and light purple with white stripes.  
  2. White flower.
  3. Trellising vine. Prolific seed-bearing variety. Beans are white with black spot around hilum.  
  4. Fry

  8. 2019-04-26 In this issue: Learning about and from local seed systems Germination to Detoxify Jack Bean Techniques to Boost Plants’ Stress Tolerance and Extend Fruit Marketability From ECHO's Seed Bank:Fever Tree Books, Web Sites and Other Resources:Planetary Health Diet Proposal Download EDN 143 Learning...
  9. 2017-12-05 Since accepting its first intern in 1981, ECHO has guided the professional development of more than 245 interns. ECHO’s Internship is a paid, 14-month program. It provides an opportunity for professional and personal growth for college graduates pursuing a career in international community...