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  1. Mashed for tomato sauce or soup, a little sweet  
  2. A white-seeded field lablab.  
  3. Cape gooseberries look and taste like a sweet orange version of a cherry tomato. Theyhave a paper-like sheath on the outside that should be removed before eating.  
  4. Multicolored seeds, from white to brown to grey. Originated from plants naturalized in northern Thailand.  
  5. Taller fruit and darker green pod than Lao variety with high yield. Black seed.  
  6. Easy to grow variety from Myanmar. Bushy and good producer of seed with potential as a cover crop.  
  7. Dark green leaves with purple flowers and soft leaves.Used in both Thai traditional medicine and in food for flavoring, sweet basil is an annual herb. Its leaves are used as a spice. In medicinal applications, sweet basil is used to help headaches, coughs, diarrhea, and constipation.  
  8. A regional Asian variety with green purple-speckled pods. Preferred for its soft texture.  
  9. Sweet in flavor, this is a tallplant with long-shaped fruit.  
  10. From NE India. Produces tender, sweet pods about 12 cm (5 in) in length. Seeds are brown with a distinctive swirled pattern.