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  1. 'Ensalada' peppers are a dooryard variety from Jamaica selected for the size of their edible leaves, which are eaten cooked. They are more drought resistant that other hot peppers.
  2. Custard apple is a medium sized, semi-deciduous tree, up to 10 m in height, with large yellow-brown custard textured fruit. The fruit can be up to 15 cm in diameter, has a sweet flavor, and is usually consumed fresh.
  4. ‘Sunrise Solo’ is an open pollinated variety with small, reddish pink fruit averaging about 570 grams, which is sweet with a mild flavor.
  5. ‘Caro Rich’ is an open-pollinated, determinate, large, smooth, globe-shaped, beefsteak-type, with 280 to 340 g. fruits that have 10 times as much as beta carotene as other tomatoes. This variety is very low in acid and requires 80 days to maturity.
  8. 'Florida Broadleaf' is an open pollinated, vigorous, mustard, well adapted to various conditions. It produces large and broad leaves, which are eaten cooked, and have potential for processing and marketing.
  9. Tan

    The 'Tan' variety of tepary beans were bred in Puerto Rico for BGMV (Bean Golden Mosaic Virus) tolerance and high yields.
  10. ‘Tainung No. 1’ is a hybrid variety from Taiwan, taller and more productive than ‘Red Lady’ with 1.1 kg fruits that are delicious but not quite as sweet as 'Red Lady'. The trees can have male, female, or bisexual flowers.