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  1. 'Beefsteak' is an open pollinated large tomato that requires 85 days to maturity. It is an old standard variety with a beautiful deep red fruit that has a superb classic tomato taste.
  2. ‘Prelude’ is a compact variety with lance-shaped leaves that allow easier harvest and let sunlight pass through the canopy and reach more of the lower leaves.
  3. 'Anuenue' resembles small iceberg lettuce but is more heat resistant, It has thick, crisp, bright green outer leaves surrounding a large well-packed heart that has a mild and juicy flavor. This lettuce was developed at the University of Hawaii and matures in 50-54 days.
  4. 'Broom Corn' was the traditional source of fiber for brooms and brushes, and the stalks, which can grow to 2 to 5 m tall, can also be used to make paper.
  5. ‘Champion’ is an improved Vates selection. It has dark green, large, cabbage-like leaves, that retain their eating quality up to 2 weeks longer than other Vates types.
  6. ‘Siempre’ produces pods that are smaller than most other varieties and has good tuber production.
  7. 'Early Hakucho' has bright green pods about 6 mm long, is not a short-day plant, and can be used as a vegetable when picked green. This is a dwarf variety, maturing in about 75 days, and proves reliable even when the growing season is short.
  8. Our oregano variety is bright blue-green with aromatic, flavorful leaves which can be used fresh or dried.
  9. Mix

    ‘Mix' is a mixture of ECHO's winged bean varieties. If you are unsure which variety may work in your area, we recommend requesting this mixture.