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  2. 'Cooper' is an early flowering, drought-resistant, perennial vining variety of Gycine.
  3. 2015-10-12 As a leader within an international forest restoration network, FORRU oversees four major project sites in Thailand: working with the National Forest and Park service in Northern Thailand, working with bird habitat conservation in Southern Thailand, restoring natural corridors for elephant...
  4. 'Brown/Red' is a hardier and faster maturing variety, taking about 4 months to mature. Historically it has grown better than 'White' at ECHO Florida.
  8. 2019-07-25 In this issue: Introducing 100-Fold Gardens: Wicking Beds for High-Density Planting of Vegetables Where Water is Scarce Echoes from our Netwok: Literacy and Agriculture and Termite Harvesting in Ghana From ECHO's Seed Bank: Earthbag Houses for Storing Seeds Books, Web Sites, and Other Resources:...
  9. ‘Homestead’ is a semi-determinate, wilt resistant, productive tomato with firm, tasty flesh that is ready in 80-83 days.
  10. ‘Ameristand 803T’ alfalfa has excellent resistance to pests and traffic and produces high yields for pasture grazing and hay production.