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  1. 2014-10-27 It is an approach by which a farmer takes decision to re-grow trees in his/her farm without planting.FMNR is based on the systematic regrowth of existing trees or self-sown seeds, and is possible wherever there are living tree stumps with the ability to re-sprout or seeds in the soil that can...  
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  4. 2014-11-17 Related to an initiative for street children in Nyeri, Kenya to empower them to start their own businesses, inquiries revealed that animal feed preservation for the growing dairy industry was a business opportunity. Low-cost harvesting and baling equipment was introduced in 2010 to facilitate...
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  10. 2016-03-01 Session: The Livestock to Markets Program(LTM) is a social enterprise owned by NRT through its business company called -NRT Trading company. LTM aims to commercialize livestock marketing among pastoralists by providing an assured, equitable and reliable market for good quality cattle in order to...