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  1. Small white flowers. Plant is leggy but serves as a hearty variety effective against nematodes. Heirloom variety from USA.  
  2. Produces small, rough-coated, red-brown seed (Desi type); approximately 3.5 months to first seed harvest.  
  3. A more aggressive climber than the local Thai variety.  
  4. From Northeast India. Mid-sized ears with multi-colored kernels. Grows vigorously under suitable conditions  
  5. Tall plant with slender, light yellow ears. Used for fodder.  
  6. Medium sized variety, producing dark red fruit. Indeterminate.  
  7. Similar looking to other varieties, but fruit is a dark red and green color and is a smaller size.  
  8. Multi-coloredorange and yellow. Full shape. Used for fodder.  
  9. White and blue flowers. Used for drinks andmaking salad.  
  10. A strong plant and prolific producer of delicious pods with a soft, melting flavor.