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  1. Multicolored seeds, from white to brown to grey. Originated from plants naturalized in northern Thailand.  
  2. A short day- length variety with 25 cm (10 in), dark purple.  
  3. Thai variety with large, pink seed. Matures in about 180 days.  
  4. 6in diameter, 9in long  
  5. Vining cowpea, good GMCC. Vines less than 1 m long; pods approximately 20 cm (8 in) long.  
  6. Bush variety; shows good resistance to disease; grayish seed.  
  7. Sticky and sweet kernels.10-15cm long.Dark purple color.  
  8. A prolific local variety. Can grow up to 2 m (6 ft).  
  9. Yellow inflorescence, white stem.  
  10. Easy to grow variety from Myanmar. Bushy and good producer of seed with potential as a cover crop.