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  1. Local Thai variety with good flavor.  
  2. Bigfruits, dark edible leaves, and thickcalyces. Good for making drinks.  
  3. Milder peppers.4-6 cm (1.6-2.4 in) in length.  
  4. From Ban Chan region of northern Thailand. Produces well with small seeds.  
  5. Buckwheat, a short-season crop, does well on low-fertility or acidic soils, but the soil must be well-drained.  
  6. Strong variety from northern Thailand. Easy to grow, with potent flavor.  
  7. Short day-length variety from northern Thailand; produces long, tender pods (30 cm/12 in).  
  8. A mix of three, non-edible decorative varieties. Two varieties are thin and long andone is short and round. Used for embroidering shirts, bags, and tapestries. Can also be used for jewelry.  
  9. Bigger root than Uberlandia with more bushy flowery stem.Less pests.  

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