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  1. Daikons are also called Japanese radishes, store well, and are primarily white-skinned, and larger, longer, coarser, and take longer to mature than red varieties.
  3. Buckwheat, a short-season crop, does well on low-fertility or acidic soils, but the soil must be well-drained.  
  4. 'Vates Blue Curled' is an open-pollinated kale variety bred for its blue, waxy, crumpled leaves.
  5. A tall, well-branched plant. Bluishgreen in color and disease-resistant.  
  6. 'Burgundy' grows to 1.5 m tall with green leaves and burgundy stems, branches, leaf ribs, and red-burgundy pods 15-20cm in length.
  7. 'White' is a forage and food variety with large, edible, white seeds.
  8. 'Osceola' is a variety developed by the University of Florida as a higher yielding, more persistent improvement of White Louisiana S-1. It is a perennial warm-climate clover suitable for tropical highlands, however it cannot tolerate long, dry seasons and remain a perennial.

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