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  1. 'Tall Guzmaine' is a romaine lettuce with dark green, blistered leaves. This variety has some resistance to lettuce mosaic virus.
  2. ‘Thai Red’ displays compact growth, early flowering, more tart calyxes, and less proclivity to leaf chlorosis compared to varieties. It is our best performer at ECHO Florida.
  3. 'Humidity Resistant' is a variety of lima bean that is drought tolerant but also tolerant of high humidity. The smooth, thin beans are black in color.
  5. ‘ECHO #1’ is a bush type selected by the University of Florida from ECHO seeds for bush habit and for an abundance of pods.
  6. ‘Green Arrow’ produces abundant slender, light green pods, up to 50 cm long, on a climbing or trailing vine.
  9. ‘K156’ was an accession of L. diversifolia from Veracruz, Mexico that was widely distributed by the University of Hawaii. It is very susceptible to psyllid damage
  10. 'Guilin' is a variety from China with long, thin pods. This was a very productive variety in a trial at ECHO.