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  1. A black seeded, long durationindeterminate variety.
  2. A mix of both the green variety and the red and green variegated variety. The green leafed variety has a milder flavor than the variegated one.
  3. Developed at Colorado State University from Chilean races. This day-neutral variety has been a top producer at ECHO Florida. It has small, yellow-colored seed. The plants can grow to a height of nearly 2 m.
  4. Primarily used as a pasture legume but it has potential use as a forage crop. It has been successfully introduced as a self-seeding annual into drier regions of northern Queensland, Australiathat receive only about 600 mm of annual rainfall.
  5. An open pollinated variety that takes about 85 days to maturity. The fruit is near-round, 40 X 35 cm, weighing up to 12 kgs, and is medium green with dark green stripes.
  6. An early flowering variety of afast growing forage species. Itis well-suited to regions having short growing seasons with low wet season rainfall (700-900mm annually).
  7. This variety produces large, smooth leaves that add flavor to stir-fries, soups and salads. Adds a spicy, sweetaromatic taste.
  8. Developed at the University of CaliforniaDavis,this variety is alarge-seeded garbanzo bean resistant to fusarium wilt.
  9. A large-seeded variety from Thailand that is grown for itsedible seed.
  10. The green leaves of this variety have a milder taste than the red and green variegated type.