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  1. An open pollinated, mid-sizedslicing cucumber with a uniform dark green color. This variety takes about 68 days to maturity and is resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, downy mildew, powdery mildew, and scab.
  2. Named after a native Seminole war cry usedunder the leadership of Asi-Yahola. This plant produces multiple, smalltan fruit that weigh an average of 1 kg.
  3. A very largewhitecushaw pumpkinwith green stripesthat originated in Central America. This variety produces 5-10kg fruit in tropical areas.
  4. A great tasting and high yielding selection of Seminole pumpkin. Produces small tan coloredfruit that average1.5kg.
  5. Ageneric variety of Seminole pumpkin that produces small delicious fruits on vigorous vines.
  6. Produces tan colored fruit that weigh an average of 3kgandhave variable shapes.
  7. Mix

    A mix of small and large Seminole pumpkin varieties.
  8. This open pollinated cantaloupe produces slightly oval fruit with thick, firm, sweetsalmon-orange colored flesh. Fruits can weigh up to 1.5 kgand plants take about 85 days to maturity. This variety is somewhat resistant to Fusarium Wilt.
  9. Produces a large number of round to oblongtan pumpkins with light orange flesh.90 days to maturity. Average weight of fruit is 2.5kg.
  10. Produces large fruit with pale orange flesh.Fruits weigh an average of 7kg (16lb).Variety acquired from Hope Seeds.