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  1. Key Resource This 4 part training gives a broad overview and introduction to some basic soil characteristics: phases (solid, liquid, gas), texture, density, structure, reaction (pH), plant-water relationships, organic matter, biology and nutrients. After some classroom discussion we went head out to into the...  
  2. Key Resource Small-scale farming is a surprisingly complex enterprise with multiple areas of risk that also present opportunities for impact. -- David Erickson, CEO, ECHO "Small farmers produce much of the developing world's food. Yet they are generally much poorer than the rest of the population in these...  
  3. Seed is the cheapest and basic input for sustained agricultural production. Multiplication and distribution of high quality seed of improved varieties is a crucial step in the agricultural production of any country.
  4. A collection of links to data collection, statistical, and other tools.
  7. The shea nut tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) is a widely distributed and traditional source of vegetable fat in the Sahel for the Bambara, Dyula, Fulani, Hausa, and Wolof peoples. Some of its common names suggest its dietary importance: bambouk butter tree, galam butter tree, and arbre à beurre. Other...