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  3. 2016-03-01 Session: Water filtration methods including use of Biosand Filters and Hollow Fiber Membrane filters Aqua Clara's entrepreneurial approach to providing safe water for all communities Training for other organization's to replicate the BSF and HF filters for their organization. Aqua Clara...  
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  8. 2016-11-01 Africa Rising was a five-year project, funded by USAID, that sought to identify and promote solutions for for sustainableintenslfication of the mixed farming systems in the Ethiopian Highlands. The project worked closely with both research and development partner to develop and validate...  
  9. 2017-05-23 This instruction manual is for the concrete tank water filtration system producing up to 2,000liters of water per day.  
  10. 2014-11-20 Toxic synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and pharmaceutical residues are a major threat to drinking water safety worldwide. Unfortunately, major international water development initiatives focus exclusively on microbial pathogens (the most immediate threat to health) while neglecting...