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  1. 'Tan/Grey' tepary beans are wilt tolerant and resistant to blight and rust.
  2. 'PKM-1' was selected for bushier growth. Produces more heavily than other oleifera species. Eat leaves like spinach; young pods cooked like asparagus.
  5. ‘Candlestick’ is an open-pollinated grain variety of pearl millet suitable for human consumption.
  6. Asia Mini cos lettuce(MJ-5-2) 15143TH
  7. ‘Sunset Solo’ is an open pollinated variety with sweet, red flesh. This cultivar comes from the same genetic parents as ‘Sunrise’. It was originally developed for the smaller sized fruits averaging about 450 grams.
  8. ‘R 103’ grain amaranth (A. hypochondriacus) is a tall, annual plant to 2 m in height that produces full, red-yellow tassels of seed. This variety was selected by Rodale Institute from a Mexican landrace. Mature plants may need staking to support the weight of the seed heads.
  9. ‘Contender’ is grown mainly as a green bean but beans may be eaten dry. It takes 55 days to maturity with pods averaging 16cm in length. It is resistant to powdery mildew and bean mosaic virus.