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  1. Key Resource 2007-01-20 Let’s Restore Our Land describes how church and community leaders came to realize that the soil that produces our food is becoming weak, and the forests that provide us with many resources are disappearing. They recognized that God has given us the responsibility to care for and protect these...  
  2. 2014 Presentations - ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium  
  3. 2015 Presentations - ECHO East Africa Symposium  
  4. The Amaranth Institute, ECHO East Africa, and World Vision Tanzania jointly organized this symposium with a great anticipation of the molding together of the topics discussed, as well as the networking which significantly impacts our future work together. A wide array of speakers with different...  
  5. ECHO East Africa 4th Biennial Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture Best Practices - Videos  
  6. 2013 Presentations - ECHO East Africa Symposium  
  7. 2019 Videos - East Africa Symposium on Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies 12th – 14th February, 2019 Naura Spring Hotel Arusha, Tanzania  
  9. From March 1-3, 2016 ECHO East Africa hosted a sumposium in Nanyuki, Kenya on Best Practices in Pastoralist Areas. This meeting's aims were to disscuss ways in whichtto reduce poverty, hunger and physical hardship by engaging pastoralists more effectively to adapt their pastoralist systems: to...