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  1. Edible fruit less than 30 cm (1 ft) long and edible leaf shoots.  
  2. Similar to naga variety, thin pod with white bean, beans occur in pairs  
  3. Local Thai variety, red seed.  
  4. Bush characteristics. Does not need a trellis.  
  5. White flower type from Thailand.  
  6. White-seeded variety with some slightly-purple kernels.  
  7. This variety is easy to grow in all tropical seasons. The fruit has a round shape with some stripes and a crispy taste. It is suitable for the fresh market and many recipes. Harvest time is 45 days from transplant.  
  8. Small white flowers. Plant is leggy but serves as a hearty variety effective against nematodes. Heirloom variety from USA.  
  9. Produces small, rough-coated, red-brown seed (Desi type); approximately 3.5 months to first seed harvest.  
  10. A more aggressive climber than the local Thai variety.