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  1. Light brown inflorescence.  
  2. ‘Tainung No. 1’ is a hybrid variety from Taiwan, taller and more productive than ‘Red Lady’ with 1.1 kg fruits that are delicious but not quite as sweet as 'Red Lady'. The trees can have male, female, or bisexual flowers.
  3. 2018-01-07 Guest post by Patrick Trail With the threat of eruption of the menacing Mt. Agung volcano looming in the background (which has since erupted), and the evacuation of numerous communities from its slopes, I could understand how people might be willing to leave their homes and vacate their farms....
  4. Young leaves can be eaten as well as the hardy stem at the base of the mature plant.  
  5. 'Ingram Billie' is a land race of Seminole pumpkins that produces a large number of small pumpkins with variable fruit size.
  6. 'Russian Mammoth' produces white and black edible seeds on the largest sunflower heads at ECHO Florida. ‘Skyscraper’ is the only variety that grows taller.
  7. Grows over 2 m tall.
  8. 2017-10-04 On September 10th Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma after it inflicted extensive damage on islands in the Caribbean from Barbuda to Cuba. Irma’s damage in Florida began as a category 4 hurricane in the Keys and reduced in strength as it traversed the peninsula. This year’s ECHO International...
  9. ‘Italian Large Leaf’ is a commercial variety that is slow to bolt and has uniform, dark green, broad leaves.
  10. Daikons are also called Japanese radishes, store well, and are primarily white-skinned, and larger, longer, coarser, and take longer to mature than red varieties.