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  1. Past Events are often recorded and videos are made available from these events. In addition to video, presentations, posters, or other materials may also be available. If you missed an event, check here!
  2. The security of ECHOcommunity users and members is of utmost importance to us. These resources outline ECHO's privacy policy, terms of use and intellectual property permissions.
  3. Thank You! The insights and opinions you've offered will be valuable as we assess the effectiveness of our organization and plan for the future.To thank you for your contribution we would like to offer you the first book in our "Agriculture Options Series". These eBooks, available in English,...
  4. This page describes the differences betweeen ECHO-released original publications includingECHO Development Notes,Technical Notes,Best Practice Notes, andResearch Notes.
  5. These are images from the Workshop https://www.echocommunity.org/en/resources/2966f43b-e992-45f2-aae3-5c6743fb66be
  6. View and download presentations, videoand resources from ECHO Asia conferences, forums, workshops and classes.  
  7. These are images from the ECHO Asia BSF Workshop on 20 August 2021 at the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center.  

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