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  1. ECHO's Natural Farming Pig System is comprised of a deep-litter pig pen in which hogs are raised atop a one-meter deep layer of bedding comprised mostly of sawdust, rice husks and ground charcoal. By excluding the rain and preventing excessive spillage of feed and water, the bedding remains...
  5. Syntropic farming is an attempt to produce food and/or cash crops, and at the same time to rehabilitate and regenerate the land. The promises of syntropic farming are many: large yields; multiple income streams; optimal use of land; no need for external inputs; improved soil quality; minimal...
  6. Map resources from around the world.
  7. While knowledge of how soil erosion occurs and how to control it is firmly established, more research is needed on how to measure soil loss rates and budget for measures to reduce them - remain under debate. Indeed, there is disagreement over whether erosion turns soil into a source or sink for...  
  10. Please see below to view and download all presentations from the 2019 ECHO Asia Conference!