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  1. 2019-10-02 Part 2. This workshop will shed light on ECHO's newest publication "Animal Integration & Feeding Strategies for the Tropical Smallholder Farm."Mr. Keith Mikkelson is the author of this book borne out of a compilation of 5 ECHO Asia Notes articles discussing his on-farm feed solutions for his...  
  2. 2016-11-01 Field days focusing on livestock production have been successfully used as a means to introduce and disseminate technologies. Training producers about improved management practices is greatly aided by supporting trainees to visit better off farmers. However, selection of farmers or producers to...  
  3. 2013-02-20  
  4. 2014-10-20  
  5. NewCROP (New Crops Resource Online Program) is an information-rich site related to crop plants. It is a project of the Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products and is associated with the New Crop Diversification project and the Jefferson Institute.  

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