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  1. 2008-01-01 Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) is a drought tolerant legume used as forage for livestock or as food for people (seeds are roasted, cooked into porridge or ground for use in bread). The plant thrives in poor soil, drought or flooding.  
  2. 2018-04-27 Joel Matthews has often written to us in response to articles in EDN. His comments are always insightful. Now we are glad to share an article by Joel, sharing ways that tools used in cultural anthropology can also be used to facilitate people-centered agricultural development. Joel has worked,...  
  3. 2011-04-20 A sand dam provides a low-cost, low-tech and low maintenance water point with large payback in easily accessible water year round. Community ownership and involvement is integral in the introduction of a sand dam.  
  4. 2016-04-08 Sara Delaney presented at ECHO’s November 2015 International Agriculture Conference. One project she mentioned had remarkable adoption rates, and we thought it would make a good case study to share in EDN. In the course of introducing new ideas or practices, why are some accepted more easily,...  

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