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  1. Key Resource 2007-01-20 Let’s Restore Our Land describes how church and community leaders came to realize that the soil that produces our food is becoming weak, and the forests that provide us with many resources are disappearing. They recognized that God has given us the responsibility to care for and protect these...  
  2. Resources and presentations from the ECHO West Africa Francophone Forum held in 2015  
  5. Presentations from the 2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum held in Accra Ghana.  
  6. WorkshopPresentations from the 2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum held in Accra Ghana.  
  8. ECHO WestAfrica Notesis a technical e-bulletin containing articles of interest to agriculture and community development workers in WestAfrica.  
  9. Baobab trees are large, robust trees that originate from Africa and are found in arid to semi-arid areas. The trees typically grow up to 20-30 meters (m) tall with a diameter of 2-10 m. The tree is used for food, fodder, shelter, and shade. Baobab trees typically grow as solitary individuals and...  
  10. 2011-07-20 Rudy Poglitsh, Former intern working in Swaziland, sent in a question about health of Avocado trees. The problem seemed to be low pH. "We have about 18 avocado trees in the ground. Almost all of them are over five feet tall. The soil is very poor, and the leaves are a pale green/yellow. We are...