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  1. 2012-04-01 Vegetable Production Throughout the Rainy Season Three Cheers for Job's Tears: Asia's Other Indigenous Grain Electronic Resource Library  
  2. 2020-03-13 Featured in this AN A Snapshot of the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank Black Soldier Fly System of the FrangipaniLangkawi Organic Farm  
  3. 2017-08-15 Featured in this AN: Inexpensive Mass Propagation Techniques for Introducing Improved Potato Varieties in the Tropics Comparing Locally Available Waste By-Products as Feedstocks forGasifier Cook-Stoves Book Review:Sustainable Agro-Watershed Management  
  4. General description and special characteristics – A warm-season, short-day annual grass, sorghum is the fourth most important cereal grain grown in the world. Being a C4 photosynthetic pathway plant, sorghum is at an advantage in areas where low rainfall and high temperatures will not produce a...  
  5. General description and special characteristics – Roselle. A tall, slightly bushy perennial plant with red stems, leaves and succulent calyces. Varieties – Burmese (พันธุทัองถินพมา):A hardy, red-stemmed roselle that produces many calyces. 90 days from seed to flower. With edible leaf shoots, an...  
  6. General description and special characteristics – A leguminous, tuber-producing, annual vine. Tubers are eaten raw and remain crunchy when cooked. Yam bean can be used as a cover crop or trellised. The tuber is high in carbohydrates but is otherwise low in nutritional value. Leaves and seeds...  
  7. General description and special characteristics – Annual semi-hardy herb up to 1-2 m tall with bright orange or yellow flowers. Variety – Thung Khang Tong, a local Thai variety  
  9. 2018-05-30 Featured in this AN: Livestock Integration on the Tropical Smallholder Farm Putting Biochar to use at the Edge: Quality, Soils, and Measurement  
  10. General description and special characteristics – A climbing, perennial (or semi-perennial) legume; grown in gardens for edible purple pods. Variety – Chiang Dao