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  1. 2021-02-01 Seeds are a strategic starting point for any agricultural development program or project, and good seeds are undoubtedly one of the most important material inputs for farmers, both men and women. In some farming communities and families, seeds are the most significant predictor of productivity....  
  2. A Combination of Approaches to Conserve Soil and Water Tephrosia: A Multipurpose Tree for GM/CC, Soil Conservation and IPM  
  3. 2013-07-01 Conservation Agriculture in East Africa: An Update What’s happening on ECHOcommunity.org? Telfairia pedata: Oyster Nut, Kweme or Zanzibar Oil Vine  
  4. One approach in the pursuit for reducing hunger and poverty is increasing the availability of nutritious foods. Gardens and leafy vegetables offer a solution for those who have limited space, but what about areas prone to drought? Chaya, Moringa and other perennial greens are great sources of...
  5. General description and special characteristics – Field varieties of lablab are drought-resistant summer annuals or short-lived perennials. Compared to vegetable lablab varieties, such field varieties are shorter and somewhat erect (although vines can reach lengths of 1 m (3 ft.) or more). Also,...  

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