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  1. Key Resource 2021-06-14 The deadly virus has decimated pig populations globally, reaching Asia in 2018. This article gives an overview of the origin, transmission, diagnosis, and prevention and coping strategies.  
  2. General description and special characteristics – A slender annual climbing to 3.0 -3.7 m (10-12 ft) tall with edible fruits and young vines that may be prepared in a variety of ways. The fruits are pear-shaped or oblong, growing to 10-15cm (4-6 in) long.  
  3. General description and special characteristics – Niger seed is an erect, annual dicotyledonous plant that develops yellow flowers that produce shiny black seeds. In Ethiopia, India, and Myanmar, it is primarily grown as an oilseed crop, but also produced to sell to various countries as wild bird...  
  4. 2018-10-31 Featured in this AN: Soil Amendments for Healthier Soils The Value of a Seed: Growing a Network of Community Level Seed Banks in Asia Is it possible to never (or rarely) need to shop for meat again? Book Review : Secret Livestock of Survival  
  5. 2017-12-12 Conference Proceedings The 6th Biennial ECHO Asia Agriculture and Community Development Conference Editors’ Note In an effort to expand the dissemination of technical materials and best practices presented during this year’s ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference, the ECHO...  
  6. 2019-08-30 Featured in this AN Backyard Vermicomposting Systems: Examples from Myanmar New Book Spotlight: Animal Integration and Feeding Strategies for the Tropical Smallholder Farm  
  7. General description and special characteristics – Flemingia macrophylla is a nitrogen fixing, perennial, woody, deep-rooting, leafy shrub with a generally erect growth habit. Multiple stems rising from the base can reach heights of 4 m (13 ft). Highly adapted to acidic soils. Variety – Local  
  8. 2011-07-01 The Use of Green Manure/Cover Crops for Relay Cropping in Northern Thailand  
  9. 2012-10-01 Demystifying Soybean Production and Marketing: Our Experience in Laos Soil Quality Assessment: Why and How  
  10. 2021-06-14 African Swine Fever Virus: Overview and Prevention on the Small Farm [Editor’s Note: For questions, comments, or personal experience on this topic visit ECHOcommunity Conversations: African Swine Fever Virus] [Example] Small FarmBiosecurity Plan for the Prevention of African Swine Fever I Suspect...