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  1. 1997-11-19 Discussion of possible disease organisms in manure. Many of us probably assume health problems originate when food is washed with contaminated water or because of poor human hygiene. However, it could also come from the use of manure as a fertilizer in the field.  
  2. 1999-03-19 Papaya seeds are part of traditional Ethiopian medicine for stomach worms.  
  3. 1995-10-19 Leaf Concentrateis an extremely nutritious food used to alleviate malnutrition. The process ofmaking LC separates the protein, vitamins, and minerals from the fibrous portion of fresh green leaves. LC is very rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium, high-quality protein, and other key dietary elements....  
  4. 2003-07-20 In response to the articles on leaf protein concentrate and on chaya in EDN Issue 78, a reader asked whether or not leaf protein concentrate (LPC) could safely be made from chaya.  
  5. 1999-07-19 ECHO and others have published articles about the many uses, nutritional content and hardiness of this drought-resistant "vegetable tree." This report contains valuable technical information and adds an important human face by reporting results of an evaluation of the project and interviews with...  
  6. 1999-10-19 Women who are or might be pregnant should probably not use the seed for medicinal purposes.”  
  7. 2005-07-20 “Gray water” (also “grey water,” “graywater” or “greywater”) is the term used to describe wastewater from dish washing, laundry, bathing, and rinsing. (Note: the term gray water does not refer to toilet waste, which is often called “black water.”) Although gray water does not need extensive...  
  8. 2005-07-20 Feedback from the ECHO networking with information on cookstoves and indoor pollution.  
  9. 2004-01-20 In a survey reported in the East African Medical Journal, 597 school children and their parents were surveyed in areas of southern Ethiopia that have very high incidence of goiter. M. stenopetala had a significant association with the prevalence of goiter.  
  10. 1994-10-19 Information regarding Quinoa.