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  1. 2014-10-27 It is an approach by which a farmer takes decision to re-grow trees in his/her farm without planting.FMNR is based on the systematic regrowth of existing trees or self-sown seeds, and is possible wherever there are living tree stumps with the ability to re-sprout or seeds in the soil that can...  
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  3. 2009-01-27 L'un des défis majeurs des producteurs est la bonne conservation de leurs productions jusqu'à la saison suivante. Parmi tant d'autres raison, l'on pourrait citer les méthodes traditionnelles de conservation. Dans cet exposé, il s'agira de donner les conseils pratiques aux producteurs pour leur...  
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  5. 2014-11-17 Related to an initiative for street children in Nyeri, Kenya to empower them to start their own businesses, inquiries revealed that animal feed preservation for the growing dairy industry was a business opportunity. Low-cost harvesting and baling equipment was introduced in 2010 to facilitate...
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