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  1. 2015-01-28 An overview of various microbial pesticide options and how they are used.  
  2. 2015-01-28 An overview of how to use predatory insects in integrated pest management systems, including earwings, stink bugs, green lacewings, etc).  
  3. 2015-03-26 The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a methodology aimed at increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. It is a low water, labor intensive, organic method that uses younger seedlings singly spaced and typically hand weeded with special tools. It was developed in 1983 by the French...  
  4. 2015-01-28 An overview of the workshop topics including integrated pest management, natural herbicides, Beuveria, Trichoderma, etc. Translated from Thai to English.  
  5. 2015-11-19 Small farmers around the world are cautious when making changes to the practices they use or the crops they grow; especially as their family’s food and income depend on the harvest. However with challenges such as decreasing soil fertility or erratic rainfall, they are increasingly willing to...  
  6. 2015-03-31 ECHOcommunity member Jean Apedoh is a trained agronomist from Togo who has become a recognized authority in West Africa on a technique used to increase rice yields called SRI. Jean first came across the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) at the 2010 ECHO West Africa Forum through a presentation...  

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