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  1. 2019-10-18 When the topic of agricultural pest management is mentioned, most people think first about monitoring for pests or intervening to reduce pests: scouting, pest identification, and/or application of pesticides are some specific practices. However, prevention is a often-overlooked key strategy that...  
  2. Access Agriculture Training Video Learn how to spot banana weevils, how to keep them out of new banana fields and how to trap them. Available languages Bambara Bangla Chichewa / Nyanja English Fon French Hindi Kikuyu Kinyarwanda / Kirundi Kiswahili Luganda Spanish Tamil Tumbuka Urdu  
  3. Access Agriculture Training Video Food baits can be used as a spot spray or in bait stations. Fruit flies can detect food baits over short distances, up to 10 metres. Some baits contain a natural insecticide that is allowed in organic fruit production. Available languages Bangla Dioula English...  

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