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  1. 2017-01-20 This book is intended as a jumping-off point for creating your own local cuisine based upon what you are growing in your humid subtropical multistory homegarden. It is designed not as a book of recipes, but as a book of tools to allow you to make delicious food using the staple crops and other...  
  2. 2004-01-01 Orginally published in French, this English translation has colored pictures along with descriptions of individual trees, shrubs and lianas of West African dry zones..  
  3. 2001-04-01 64 pages, illustrated, photos The 30 plants illustrated and describedin the following pages are from the plants growing at Eden.  
  4. Key Resource 2000-01-20 This book, PERMACOPIA THREE; AN INVENTORY, is a study of many popular foods, plus some less known, multipurpose plants. The species in this book have been chosen for their acceptance, availability, utility, & their relative lack of rampancy. Included are species for fruit, vegetable, greens,...  
  5. 1999-01-01 35 pages, illustrated  
  6. 1992-01-01 791 pages, illustrated, photos  
  7. 1988-01-01 As residents of Lehigh and members of the Garden Club, we learned much about this specific corner of Mother Earth, Lehigh, and we have accumulated experience that we are sharing in this publication.  
  8. 1987-01-01 A portable dictionary of the vascular plants utilizing Kubitzki's "The families and genera of vascular plants" (1990-), Cronquist's An integrated system of classification of flowering plants (1981), and current botanical literature. 858 pages  
  9. 1987-01-01 409 pages, illustrated, photos  
  10. 1987-01-01 252 pages