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  1. This open pollinated cantaloupe produces slightly oval fruit with thick, firm, sweetsalmon-orange colored flesh. Fruits can weigh up to 1.5 kgand plants take about 85 days to maturity. This variety is somewhat resistant to Fusarium Wilt.
  2. Produces a large number of round to oblongtan pumpkins with light orange flesh.90 days to maturity. Average weight of fruit is 2.5kg.
  3. Produces large fruit with pale orange flesh.Fruits weigh an average of 7kg (16lb).Variety acquired from Hope Seeds.
  4. Produces tan to orange colored pumpkins with long necks and dark orange flesh. 110 days to maturity.
  5. A classic, dark green open pollinatedzucchinithat is bush-type, early, and productive.
  6. An open-pollinated yellow summer squash that isearly producing and bushing.
  7. This pumpkin from Trinidad has variation in color, shape, and size, but the majority of fruitturn to a dark green or orangewith cream colored stripes when mature. Darkorangesweetflesh. The ground mark on the fruit will change color from light green to cream to deep orange indicating when the...
  8. An open pollinated carrot that isnearly coreless, orange, and averages15cmlong. 75 days to maturity. This is perhaps the best variety for cooler areas in the tropics or highland areas and also does well in clay soil.
  9. A further selection of the Uberlandiacarrot done by an ECHO volunteer, Reed Franz, who selectedfor larger size, darkorange color, nearly parallel sides, and pleasant taste.
  10. An open pollinated midseason variety that is durable, bolt hardy, and has strong tops. 75 days to maturity. Roots are dark orange 15-17cm long and5cm wide at shoulders.