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  1. Key Resource 1998-05-01 A wide variety of fruits is grown in the tropics, under a range of climatic conditions and soil types. Some have been widely used both within the tropics and also exported to temperate countries for many years, whereas others are currently grown almost exclusively for local or regional use....  
  2. 1993-01-01 Know and Enjoy Tropical Fruit is filled with interesting details about 141 tropical fruit and nuts. It explains how to identify, harvest or purchase, and how to store or tell the ripeness, and how to eat tropical fruit.  
  3. 1991-01-01 Recipes for tropical fruit varieties including catcus, barbados cherry, black sapote, figs, jaboticaba, guava, and mango. 2 Copies  
  4. 1990-01-01 Fruit and Vegetable Production in Warm Climates is a companion volume to the Fruit and Vegetable Production in Africa. This edition, like the first, covers both fruit and vegetable production in a single volume but here information is discussed within the framework of pan-tropical systems...  
  5. Key Resource 1987-11-01 This 505 page book is an exceptionally exhaustive source of information on tropical and subtropical fruits. It is a well-illustrated and very readable, practical guide for those interested in growing tropical and subtropical fruits either for the home garden or commercially. The fruits are...  
  6. 1984-01-01 This book providesuseful information on the production of a wide range of tropical tree fruits that grow in Australia. 225 pages, illustrations, photos  
  7. Guava, Pineapple, Macadamia, Mamey sapote, Sapodilla, Eugenia family, Jaboticaba, Velvet Apple, Black Sapote, White Sapote, White Mombin, Straberry tree