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  1. 2011-01-01 This booklet discribes everything you would need to know to grow vegetables in a tropical cllimate. 50 pages  
  2. 2011-01-01 This notebook contains a wide variety of information on community development in Haiti. multiple pages, ilustrations, photos  
  3. 2010-10-20 Input from the ECHO network concerning the use of urine as a fertilizer.  
  4. 2010-10-20 Photos of the modified seed dryer described in EDN 109  
  5. 2010-10-20 Drying seeds in preparation for storage and maintaining dry conditions in storage both help prevent the growth and harmful effects of mold on seed viability.  
  6. 2010-10-20 Tim Tanner shared some details about how he and his family have cooked and eaten moringa seed pods.