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  1. The Amaranth Institute, ECHO East Africa, and World Vision Tanzania, welcome you to Arusha, Tanzania for this jointly organized symposium. With a great anticipation we hope that the molding together of the topics discussed, as well as the networking which will occur this week will significantly...  
  4. How to create an alternative, low-cost water storage cistern for irrigating small gardens How to make a minimum tillage garden How to run a Farmer Field School with your neighbors How to prevent Newcastle Disease which kills 70% of chickens annually in Africa How to create a bio-intensive deep...  
  10. 2007-07-20 Bio-Intensive Agriculture (BIA) is a kind of organic farming rooted in maintaining soil fertility/ living soil. BIA is called Bio-Intensive because it maintains a natural biological balance between soil, nutrients and plants. It employs crop rotation and intensive planting to maximize harvest...