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  1. 1998-05-19 Peanut butter is easy to make. This article gives detailed instructions.  
  2. 1998-08-19 The seed of some fifty Australian dry-zone acacia species are a traditional food of Australian Aboriginal people. In Australia they have not been domesticated and until recently have had a low status as “outback bush plants.”  
  3. 1998-12-19 Certain seeds have been shown to respond to smoke before they will germinate, even when there is no fire.  
  4. 1998-12-19 A common prescription for improving nutrition, especially among children, is to promote the addition to people’s diet of dark green leafy vegetables, grown in home gardens. A tremendous variety of native tropical leaf vegetables are delicious and easy to grow, providing a regular source of...  
  5. 1998-12-19 Trees can be an effective source of mulch in drylands.  
  6. 1999-03-19 Papaya seeds are part of traditional Ethiopian medicine for stomach worms.  
  7. 1999-07-19 ECHO and others have published articles about the many uses, nutritional content and hardiness of this drought-resistant "vegetable tree." This report contains valuable technical information and adds an important human face by reporting results of an evaluation of the project and interviews with...  
  8. 1999-10-19 Many tree species can be used for growing vanilla orchid. Actually, wooden or wire trellises can be used, too, as long as there is some protection from the sun.  
  9. 1999-10-19 Women who are or might be pregnant should probably not use the seed for medicinal purposes.”  
  10. 1999-10-19 Due to worries about drug-resistant strains of the malaria parasite, patients with malaria should be treated with a two-drug combination.