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  1. 1958-01-01 This paper has been prepared to call attention to the publishedinformation that the author has found, and some personal observations, relating to the use and the study of various bamboos as sources of forage. 37 pages, illustrated, photos  
  2. 'Each year during the shoot season, we stand spellbound in our beautiful botanical garden, gazing in awe at the newly emerging shoots of tropical giant bamboos. They thrust the earth aside in great clods as they heave their mighty bulk from beneath the earth.' The object of this book is to...  
  3. 1984-01-01 A comprehensive guide to this remakable plant, its uses, and its history 2 copies 331 pages, illustrated  
  4. 1987-01-01 This important book presents for the first time all of the diverse Chinese bamboos. In addition to descriptions of all the Chinese species presently known, the book includes chapters dealing with landscape uses, the role of bamboo in Chinese culture and cultural requirements.  
  5. 1992-01-01 Bamboos are fascinating for their beauty, elegance and variety of form, not to mention their importance in the symbolism of Far Eastern poetry and art. Garden designers have for a long time recognised the many possibilities offered by this unique plant. Here the reader is offered all the...  
  6. 1997-01-01 Species selection, timber plantations, furniture, housing, food, musical instruments 95 pages, illustrated  
  7. 2003-01-01 553 pages, illustrated, photos  
  8. 2006-01-01 This book is a general introduction to ornamental grasses and bamboos. The author describes how to grow and propagate them, and suggests many imaginative ways to make the most of them in your garden.  
  9. 2007-03-01 This book features both common and hard-to-find fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and bamboo for Southwest Florida. It includes fruiting trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruiting vines, brambles, tropical vegetables, herbs, spices, bamboo, tropical and subtropical fruit tree ripening chart,...  
  10. 2017-01-01 Bamboo Basics includes a printed copy of a Powerpoint on Bamboo Propagation along with harvesting, preservation and construction information. No page numbers, illustrated  

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