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  1. 1992-04-01 Sunn Hemp is an option for keeping monkeys out of your garden.  
  2. 1992-04-01 Information about the salt tolerance of Leucaena  
  3. 1992-06-19 More discussion on consumption of Velvet Beans.  
  4. 1992-06-19 Solar heating of cowpeas for at least 45 minutes will kill weevils without affecting cooking or germination percentages.  
  5. 1993-12-19 Velvet bean,Mucuna pruriens, hasprobably had more impact on farmers lives than any plant distributed from our seedbank.  
  6. 1994-07-19 Information on obtaining inoculants for legume crops.  
  7. 1994-10-19 The use of cover crops in orchards and plantations. Since the early 1900s legumes have been used as cover crops in oil palm plantations in Asia. More recently it is being evaluated for other trees: soursop (Annona muricata) in Costa Rica, citrus in Honduras and Surinam, bananas in Panama, etc....  
  8. 1994-10-19 Information about nematodes affecting agroforestry trees. Nematodes are tiny “wire worms” that abound in the soil. The root-knot nematode,Meloidogyne incognita, is one of the most infamous, both for its devastating effect on crops and the ease with which its presence can be identified. The...  
  9. 1995-01-19 Information about green manure and cover crop legumes.  
  10. 1995-03-19 Tepary beans are a very drought resistant bean.